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IBM Connections Docs V1.0.7 available

Today IBM released the new version of IBM Connections Docs !!

Regarding to the presentation @ IBM ConnectED 2015 in January there are a lot of great enhancements in this version like

GUI installerIBM Docs Server now is also supported on Windows platformsConversion Server now is also supported on Windows Server 212 Support for IE11Changed default formats to ".docx", ".xlsx" and ".pptx"...
The complete list can be found on the official IBM site.

Call "WSADMIN" for IBM Connections

Due to a lot of customizations in IBM Connections you always have to check out some configurations files ( .xml ) with WSADMIN.

If you do not want to enter the "wsadmin" command every time ( like me ), you can create a batch or cmd file including the following statements:

cd \IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\ic-dmgr01\bin\
wsadmin -lang jython -user wasadmin -password Passw0rd -port 8879

You only have to customize the drive and path for your DMGR and the password, save it on the desktop and you´re ready to go. I also uploaded the batch file I use on dropbox. Feel free to download the file here