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IBM Notes Traveler available at FixCentral

Today IBM released a new version of IBM Notes Traveler including the following fixes:

APAR #  Abstract
LO82881 Domino server may crash if $NTTrack field is corrupted.
LO89471 Traveler invitee status may be incorrect if using mixed case internet addresses.
LO89606 Number of recipients limited to 100 when sending mail from a mobile device.
LO89745 Traveler server enters constrained state when load balancing a large number of users.
LO89772 Meeting chair may receive multiple notices from attendee who processes notice on an Apple Native Calendar application.
LO89840 IBM Verse mobile application fails to download entire mail for very large mail documents.
LO89952 Deleted device still present in the Web Administration UI after the 30 day reap interval.
LO89954 E-mail not in sent folder on mobile device when user sends and files an e-mail in Notes client.

The new version is available at IBM Fix Central.



In this Technote IBM warns using "compact -replica" during online mode !!

Compact -Replica lose document data if user modify the document
during compaction.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Prepare discussion database

2. add about 10 documents with attachment (attachment size is about 1MB - 4MB). In my test. doc # is 10 and db size is 53MB.

3. Keep the database open by Notes client and perform "load compact -replica xxx.nsf".

4. If you see the following console output, Update any document's title right away.
>drop xxx.nsf

5. Compact -replica fails with the following error.
> Error compacting disc.nsf,  -replica disc.nsf: Database is
currently in use by you or another user

6. Add a document and add any attachment.

7. Close the database.

Repl file is remains. nsf file is bigger than repl file because
I add a document with a big attachment.

8 Open the database again by Notes client. In Domino Server, it will start compact -replica -restart will perform automatically. However it will fail with the following error.
>Compact -REPLICA sync failure, Src DB:
C:\Lotus\Domino\data\disc.ORIG, Dst DB:
C:\Lotus\Domino\data\disc.nsf : Specified database is not currently open

9.Close the database.
Orig file is remains.  nsf file size become small.

10 Open the database again by Notes client. In Domino Server, it will start compact -replica -restart will  perform automatically. At this time, compact perform completely..
Orig file is deleted. nsf file size is still small.

Whenever user update document in step 4 and  add a document in
step 6,  all changes lost by compact -replica.


IBM MaaS360 launches four new suites


IBM® MaaS360® (SaaS) delivers a secure, cloud-based enterprise mobility management platform that provides complete mobility management and comprehensive security of mobile devices, apps, documents, emails, and access to the web from a single portal.

MaaS360 (SaaS) extends across devices, users, applications, documents, and expenses. MaaS360 (SaaS) solutions are available on a secure, multitenant architecture, and offer immediate insight and control without the added costs and complexities of deploying hardware and software, dealing with intricate configurations, and dedicating resources to create and support the solution on an ongoing basis.

MaaS360 (Saas) launches four new suites including:

    IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Deluxe Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Premier Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Suite (SaaS)

These new suites are designed to provide comprehensive enterprise mobility management solutions for your organization, enabling improved productivity and securing corporate devices, apps, and content. These cumulative packages offer flexible options, enabling your organization to select the most appropriate capabilities to drive your use cases, whether that is protecting the devices with a management profile or providing an enterprise-wide capability-rich enterprise mobility management solution.

MaaS360 Essentials Suite enables you to view and control the mobile devices and apps entering your organization. The software offers enterprise mobile device, application and expense management from a single screen. With IBM, you can gain visibility into the usage and status of mobile devices, while securing data and controlling costs.

MaaS360 Deluxe Suite includes all the capabilities of the MaaS360 Essentials Suite and adds a separate and security-rich office productivity application for users to access and manage their email, calendar, and contacts.

MaaS360 Premier Suite includes all the capabilities of the MaaS360 Deluxe Suite and adds mobile application security, a secure mobile browser, and mobile content management.

MaaS360 Enterprise Suite includes all the capabilities of the MaaS360 Premier Suite and adds the enterprise capabilities that your organization needs to provide full mobile productivity and protection. This suite adds mobile threat management, a document editor, and document sync


IBM Notes Traveler available

Today IBM released the next upgrade for IBM Notes Traveler including the following fixes:

APAR #       Abstract
LO87689     Invitee status not updated on Mobile device when external invitee responds.
LO88807     Add the immediately remove invitee from invite on mobile device may not remove the invitee.
LO88916     Invitee status not updated on Outlook client when external invitee responds.
LO88950     Event still appears ghosted on mobile device after process an info update from ghosted entry.
LO89057     Upgrade install technology to prevent MS Windows DLL Loading vulnerability.
LO89097     Traveler device may display EnterSendTo field if SendTo empty for non-draft message.
LO89287     Warning message for NumberFormatException for empty string should be Info log message and not a warning.
LO89357     Update to prevent XML External Entities Injection vulnerability.
LO89358     Same full name contact could sync wrong contact photo.
LO89421     Ghosted entry for non-repeating event Cancel notice may show additional options on mobile device.
LO89499     APNS notifications for IBM Verse for iOS may be in English instead of device preferred language.
LO89501     Attachments and in-line images missing content header may not sync to mobile device.
LO89540     Traveler Utility application should warn if attempting to change the DB2 user name as this may change the schema name as well.
LO89543     Prevent device from renaming folder to null string.
LO89544     Accept reschedule of non-repeating event from ghosted entry on Apple iOS Calendar application may not take effect on server.

The upgrade is available on IBM Fix Central. The release notes can be found here.


IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook, V2.0 expands mail client options for IBM Notes and IBM Domino

IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server. As a Domino V9.0.1 user, you can download IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook at no charge from Passport Advantage®.

IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook, V2.0:

  • Supports a "bring your own client" model. Preserves the value of business-critical applications, while having the option to choose an email client that works best for you.
  • Leverages strength of the Domino back end. Enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook 2013 client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server and gain all of the advantages of Domino.
  • Provides social integration capabilities. Provides the capability to utilize the "free" plug-ins for exposing the IBM Connections™ Files and Profiles services natively within the Outlook client experience.
  • Provides capability to use the native mobile applications for Mail, C&S and Contacts (Verse Mobile) and the social content (Connections Mobile).

System requirements can be found here:

Additional informations regarding included functions and so on are listed here

A list of features and limitations is available at